1. Skrillex @ Camden Koko, 16/11/11 Review.


    KoKo, Camden


    There was something very exciting about this event! It’s in one of the most modern and exuberant areas of London and it would be hosted in the infamous KoKo. Before the event you immediately had high expectations due to the ‘once-in-a-life-time’ feel opportunity to see one of the most fastest emerging dub step artists from the underground breaking through into the popular scene at a beautiful and well known venue that’s known for hosting high profile events such as the NME nights. You knew you wouldn’t have the chance to see this man in such an intimate venue for much longer unless you’re willing to pay at least double the price for his sold out Mothership Tour.

    This wasn’t one for the music snobs as most dub step fanatics abandoned Skrillex due to his mainstream bass lines and would never think twice to see a dub step artist at the renovated 3 tiered theatre. You would doubt; how would it possible be able to have the appropriate acoustics for a dub step event compared to the underground legend that is Fabric.

    On the corner of Mornington Crescent there was a hectic crowd anticipating to get inside as quickly as possible to see Flux Pavilion, the support act. Blasting through anthemic beats a minority of the crowd were going mental. There was clearly a lot of energy and anticipation, you knew immediately that this crowd were ready for a prodigious epilogue, there was no need for a warm up to initially get the crowd going, these guys were already on the verge of exploding to converge with the trembling bass lines that were to soon concur.

    Flux Pavillion came off from what seemed like only a ten minute set, people were manic for the Skrillex to enter on stage to see what they finally came for. People began crowding into position, at this point I sandwiched myself right towards the front with the naïvety that this would be some what ‘tame’. Let me stress how naive I was at this point.

    The lights dimmed and everyone was in position to worship this uprising artist. As soon as the lights dimmed then was an almighty roar and before you know it Skrillex arrived. His short, sweet intense songs were so creatively mixed, one after another constantly building the adrenaline in the crowd. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a concert were I hadn’t had that brief second to realize how exhausted I was, nor to think twice about a topless hairy man splashing his sweat all over the place, nor to care for the fact that I was wearing a white shirt that had gathered ‘x’ amounts of curious stains.

    Skrillex pumped through his anthemic bass lines with such ease knowing exactly how to create the most epic upbeat set list that would convert anyone to a Skrillex fanatic. Classic melodies in Scary Monsters followed by All I Ask and effortlessly ended with Weekends, was enough to get people in 5th gear, if this wasn’t enough to keep you bewildered by his all encompassing presence the light show would’ve definitely knocked you out. I felt sorry for anyone who had tabbed in some illicit’s because how they stopped their jaws were knocked from wall to wall is beyond me.

    Skrillex clearly displayed how he is such a versatile and talented young man with much to offer the music industry. Not only is his signature sound being remixed to well known pop charts such as La Roux he even made references to Nero and Rusko for those who are more familiar with the emerging UKF scene. A minutes worth of Fat Man Scoop caught everyone by surprise and without hesitation from  the crowd, people just completely fell to their knee’s with the funk and rhythm that was penetrating their entire body.

    Skrillex here tonight has made his mark and has earned his honor in the electronica scene, dub step is reluctant to place him on a pedestal of inspiration but there’s no denying this man’s talents range from house charting anthems to heave bass lines.

    Before you knew it you were being ushered out in a complete daze of what you’ve just experienced, there was no second to reflect on your doubts of the sound system or how one man could possible perform in a renovated theatre, or how a rave environment could possible transcend to a typically pop/rock venue. What was clear by peoples sweat covered, bruised bodies was that this man had definitely given them his best and in return received their all. This is only the beginning of a very ‘bright’ career for this innovative musician.

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  3. Skrillex. Camden Koko. 16/11/11. A night I will never forget!

    Skrillex. Camden Koko. 16/11/11. A night I will never forget!

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